The subject pages are an organization and navigational tool here at Wikibooks. We use these pages to group our books together by subject, group sub-topics together into larger topics, and provide an easy hierarchical way to find books from our large collection. Subject pages are the replacement for the older Department/Bookshelf system that was not nearly as expandable or versatile.

Creating subject pages


There is no single way that Subject pages must look. In fact, it's probably better if subject pages for different topics are unique and specifically tailored for the reading audience. However, some pages in the Subject: namespace were created using templates, and that's okay too. Ideally, all those template-created subject pages will be improved to look better over time.

In general, there are a few things that a subject page might want to have:

  1. A list of books in that subject. You can use {{CategoryList|CATEGORY NAME}} to produce this automatically
  2. A list of topic books in other categories, such as Category:Books with print version, Category:Books with PDF version, and Category:Featured books. You can find books that are simultaneously in two categories at once using the {{CategoryJunction|CAT 1|CAT 2}} template.
  3. A list of books in similar topics, but not in this topic. Use {{CategoryIntersection|CAT 1|CAT 2}} to create these lists
  4. Links to information on the topic on other Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and Wiktionary. Use {{Sisterlinks}} or {{Associated Wikimedia}} for this.
  5. A link to a parent category. It's important that all subject pages have a parent. This makes them easier to find. To put a subject page into the category of a parent, use the {{subjects}} template.

Feel free to get creative with these lists. The more relevant information that you can present to readers, the better.

Books and their categories are title cased. Partly to reduce conflicts where possible, Subject pages and their corresponding categories are sentence cased.

Subject pages were implemented in August 2007 and the decision to phase out bookshelves in November 2007.

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