This page describes in detail the process for nominating featured books.

Featured books serve to highlight quality books that readers can learn from and authors should be inspired by. Books that have successfully been nominated by the community are listed for rotation on the Main Page and may be included on other pages as well.

What makes a book "good enough" to be featured is not specified, but some common general ideas are:

  1. Consistently conforms to WB:WIW, WB:NPOV, and WB:NP.
  2. Has an appropriate and consistent definition (target audience, scope, and style).
  3. All current organizational systems are properly and appropriately used.
  4. Accurate, comprehensive, and concise enough to effectively teach and learn from in its current state.
  5. Has a table of contents and sufficient page navigational aids.
  6. Free of major issues, like reorganization, orphaned or missing material, copyright violations, deletion, unmaintained, and unresolved disputes.

Featured books that no longer meet the community's criteria should be withdrawn until the community is satisfied again. This process is intended to be fluid and not a big deal.

Anyone can nominate any book and participate in the discussion process at Wikibooks:Featured books/Nominations. You should be prepared to defend your argument. The strength and quality of the arguments made decide what the outcome of the discussion is. A neutral person should determine what the consensus is. Reasonings or explanations should include "{{support}}", "{{oppose}}", "{{neutral}}", or simply "{{comment}}" before it for convenience.

Where consensus is determined to support featuring, a {{goodbook}} template for the book will be created and added to the appropriate places for rotation on Wikibooks' Main Page, and {{featured book}} added to the feature book's main page, talk page or some other page as desired by book contributors. Where consensus is determine to support withdrawing a featured book, the {{goodbook}} template will be removed from rotation on Wikibooks' Main Page, and {{former featured book}} added to the book's main page, talk page or some other page as desired by book contributors. If you need help to add or remove a book from Wikibooks' Main Page rotation, you can ask an administrator for assistance.

{{featured book candidate}} or {{featured book removal}} should be added to a book's main page as appropriate to inform and encourage participation by the book's contributors. Nominations made in bad faith can be removed immediately. Criticisms from previous nominations should be addressed before nominating a book again.

{{Goodbook/BOOKNAME}} is generally used to added featured books to rotation for Wikibooks' Main Page, where BOOKNAME is the full book title. Go to Template:Goodbook to create it, and it is best to semi-protect the newly created page to prevent vandalism. Goodbook needs a book cover image and a short summary describing the book's scope and audience. {{Goodbook/BOOKNAME}} may be added to other organizational pages as well.

Template:Goodbook/List should be updated with the promoted book, and Main Page/Featured should have the X in {{Rand|X|Seed}} increased by one to update the number of featured books. Wikibooks:Featured books/Templates should be updated in the "New featured books" and department sections, and Wikibooks:Featured books#Featured books should also be updated. It is helpful to message the nominator about the promotion. For featured Wikijunior books and featured recipes, do the same thing at Main Page/Wikijunior and Main Page/Recipe.

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