Bots are computer programs that interface with Wikibooks, typically performing complex tasks faster than a person could. Bots can consist of functions inside client programs or tools that are only run under direct control of a human operator (semiautomatic), a program that performs tasks automatically without direct oversight of a human operator (fully automated), or anywhere in between.

Bots may be used provided they work as expected, do not interfere with or reduce people's ability to contribute meaningful content to Wikibooks, and do not perform any controversial actions or violate policies. Bots which break these basic principles may be blocked without warning.

The bot flag allows bots to receive more information with one request, to operate quicker by increasing limits normally placed on user accounts (such as edit limits), and makes it possible for users to hide changes performed by bots from recent changes and watchlists by selecting the necessary options in the bot's preferences. The bot flag can be given to any bot account with a demonstrable need for it at the discretion of local bureaucrats.

A bot which only edits occasionally and does not flood the RC feed does not need the bot flag, and its actions should be openly visible to RC patrollers like all other actions.

Any Wikibookian who feels that a bot requires the flag can request so at Wikibooks:Requests for permissions. The Wikibooks community might ask to see the source code of the bot, to see controlled demonstrations of the bot's abilities, that the owner demonstrate a need to perform edits beyond the normal rates and hide such edits, or express concern about giving a bot the bot flag. The granting of a bot flag remains up to the discretion of bureaucrats, unless reasonable concerns are raised by the community.

The bot flag can also be removed by local bureaucrats at their discretion if the bot has abused the extra rights, they are no longer needed or wanted, or if the bot is not actively used.

Some bots can be used along with administrative tools that will enable it to perform multiple page deletions, page protections, page reverts, User/IP blocks, or page undeletions in an automated way. While there are no strict rules as to how these tools may be used to help perform repetitive tasks, administrators should note that an admin-bot malfunction is indistinguishable from abuse. Admins are responsible for problems caused by their bots. Be extremely cautious about running automated tools for admin tasks.

Local administrators may occasionally need to perform a lot of actions at once in order to serve the community. Administrators may temporarily provide themselves with the pseudo-bot flag in order to prevent the RC feed from being flooded. Wikibookians who abuse or inappropriately use the pseudo-bot flag may have access to the administrative tools removed.



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