Our behavior policy is simple: be civil.

Wikibooks consists of a community of contributors, all intent on improving the project. From time to time, we may disagree about how best to achieve this, but our aim is the same, to work together to achieve Wikibooks objectives.

We could list all the nasty things you could potentially do and have explicit rules saying not to do them, but there's really no need for that as we all know what being civil means, and we all know when we're not being civil. So that's our rule on behavior: be civil.

If you are not civil, then some suitable action may follow. This could be just a request to calm down (always best heeded), but could go as far as requesting outside comments on the reading room. If you really refuse to be civil, an administrator may block your account for a short or a long time (with that action being subject to review by other administrators).

But really, it shouldn't get that far. Just respect your fellow editors and keep being civil!

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