This list contains a list of common words in French with their English meanings.

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Sl No ප්‍රංශ වචනය ඉංග්‍රීසි තේරුම M/F Remarks ක්‍රියාපද උදාහරණ (වර්තමාන)
1 le sale the dirt M
2 L'éte the summer
3 Aimer to like 1st group verb J'aime(I like)
4 facile easy M
5 nombres numbers M
6 Dire to say 3rd group verb Je dis(I say)
7 école school
8 jeter to throw special 1st group verb Je jete(I throw)
9 Bonjour Good morning
10 Bonne nuit Good night
11 Avoir to have 3rd group verb J'ai(I have)
12 Boire to drink 3rd group verb Je bois(I drink)
13 Voilá here
14 Jouer to play 1st group verb Je joue(I play)
15 magasin shop F
16 Étre to be 3rd group verb Je suis(I am)
17 Les yeux the eyes
18 L'ilé the island
19 Ouvrir to open 3rd group verb Je ouvre(I open)
20 Finir to finish 2nd group verb Je finis(I finish)
21 Régle rule
22 maison house
23 Entre between
24 Jeune young
25 horloge clock F
26 tėtė head F


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