{{Always substitute}} produces the following notice:

(but {{Always substitute}} itself should not be substituted.)



{{Always substitute}}

{{Always substitute}} should be placed on the documentation subpage of any template that requires substitution rather than transclusion (i.e. not on the template's own page itself).

Pages that include {{Always substitute}} are added to Category:Wikipedia substituted templates.




If set as "yes", the template to which the notice refers will be subst:ed automatically unless the |demo=yes parameter is set. The notice is amended to state this. Default is "no". Setting this parameter to "yes" places the template in Category:Wikipedia templates to be automatically substituted; see User:AnomieBOT/docs/TemplateSubster for more information.


Use to set an alternate and transcludable name for the template.

List of subst helper templates

  • {{require substitution}} – Prints an error unless substituted.
  • {{substituted or transcluded}} – if-then-else metatemplate that checks if a template is currently being substituted or transcluded
    • {{always substitute}} – For the doc of the above templates; prints a message asking for it be substituted.
    • {{never substitute}} – The reverse of {{always substitute}}. For the doc of templates which should not be substituted; prints a message asking for it not to be substituted.
    • {{may be substituted}} – For the doc of templates whose substitution is optional.
    • {{substitution}} – Allows free-fill description of whether the template should be substituted and under what conditions.
  • {{ifsubst}} – Forks if substituted or not.
  • {{issubst}} – Returns "yes" if substituted.
  • {{HTML comment}} – To sign substitutions with comments that contain wikitext expansions
  • Module:Unsubst – Prevents substitution.
  • Module:Unsubst-infobox – Prevents substitution for infoboxes, cleans up parameters.