This meta-template can be used to create in-line clean up messages which can be used to tag issues on a line-by-line basis. Many templates are based upon it, like {{citation needed}}.

It should not be used directly on articles by itself - instead, use one of the pre-existing derivatives if at all possible. Should there be no suitable derivative already, new ones can be created using the syntax below, but please discuss the need for any new template first. Otherwise, the sub-template in question is likely to end up at Wikibooks:Requests for deletion, as it is better for Wikibooks to have a finite and well-tested set of in-line tags than to allow for endless variation.

භාවිතය සංස්කරණය

{{ Fix
| substcheck= <includeonly>{{subst:</includeonly><includeonly>substcheck}}</includeonly>
| link      = <Page which text should link to, without brackets> (default = Wikibooks:Maintenance)
| text      = <Text to be displayed for the link>
| pre-text  = <Optional text to print before the linked text>
| post-text = <Optional text to print after the linked text>
| class     = <Class to set text to> (default = "noprint Inline-Template"; neither should be removed, but additional classes can be added, e.g. "noprint Inline-Template FooBarBazQuux")
| title     = <Tool--tip text to display when mouse is hovered over link>
| special   = <Optional replacement for text, link, title, pre-text, and post-text - allowing user to define a non-standard format>
| date      = <Optional date parameter to be displayed at end of 'title' and/or in cat-date>
| cat       = <Category to include page in>

Categories are ignored if the template is used on a talk page or on any other non-book page.

The value specified via |cat= must be in wikicode, including square brackets.

"සැකිල්ල:Fix/උපදෙස්&oldid=20751" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි