This is a work-in-progress. Feel free to add to this page any more buttons, functions or pages useful for sysops.

This is intended as a reference for new system administrators.

General things you should check now සංස්කරණය

No requirements are made of new sysops, to do any blocking, deleting or whatnot. But here are a few recommendations you may find useful as a new administrator:

  1. Visit WT:PREFS and check the desired "Sysop-only" checkboxes at the very bottom.
  2. Add WT:VIP to your watchlist.
  3. Add WT:WL to your watchlist. (Especially if you use the WT:PREFS "patrolling enhancements" items.)
  4. Add Category:Candidates for speedy deletion to your personal to-check list (e.g. bookmark it.)
  5. Visit WT:DW and consider adding your name somewhere there.
  6. Revisit Wikibooks:Wiktionarians, double check that you are listed.
  7. Update the WT:VOTE/WT:A page one week after you are promoted; make any corrections to your information; de-link the vote archive thing; make sure you are listed properly in the main "current admins" section, etc. (Fix any other mistakes/old cruft you see there.)
  8. Double-check that your Special:Emailuser link still works.
  9. Double-check your Babel templates - they are supposed to appear on your userpage.
  10. Protect your userpage from moves (for practice with protection and because new sysop pages are usually move-vandalized.)
  11. Protect your talk page from moves (same.) Make sure anon-IPs can edit your talk page.

As a sysop, you will see a number of new buttons at the top of each page and in Special:Contributions, Special:Recentchanges and in the history of any page:

Protect සංස්කරණය

Protect is a tab at the top of each page, to the right of the history tab. Upon clicking, you will be sent to a "Confirm protection" page. It is used for protecting pages against user interaction (moving and editing) or just moving (toggled using the checkbox found on that page). You can also protect pages only against edits from anonymous users.

It is highly recommended that you state why you are protecting it, which you type in the "Reason for protecting" textbox. Common reasons to protect a page are if it is a high-profile page (such as the Main Page) or if it is the subject of continuous vandalism over a short time period. In the latter case, make a note to unprotect the page after a week or so. If someone persists in adding an article that should not exist at all, delete the page and protect it.


  1. A sysop will always be able to interact with a page, whether it is protected or not.
  2. There is a list of protected pages, updated automatically, a Special:Protectedpages list, and a protection log.

Delete සංස්කරණය

This is to be found as a tab at the top of each page, to the right of the protect tab, and upon clicking, you will be sent to a "Confirm deletion" page. It is used for deleting pages when they do not conform to our criteria for inclusion (see Wikibooks:Page deletion guidelines). It is highly recommended that you give a reason for deletion, prepended to any pre-generated text produced by the MediaWiki software. This text will consist of the content and the sole contributor, where applicable.

Note: A sysop may undelete any deleted page. See the Additional special pages section below.

See also: WT:DELETE.

MediaWiki 1.6 notes සංස්කරණය

A new feature exists now, to selectively restore revisions. But if an entry is later re-deleted, those previously deleted revisions can also be restored (inadvertently.)

To delete a particular revision, then, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the page
  2. Restore the one "bad" revision you wish to anihilate
  3. Move it to Wikibooks:Deleted nonsense
  4. Delete the residual redirect
  5. Selectively restore all the other revisions except the redirect
  6. Make a superficial edit to the entry (to have a later timestamp than the redirect, in case it is restored again)
  7. Re-delete Wikibooks:Deleted nonsense immediately

Undelete සංස්කරණය

On a deleted page, an undelete n edits tab appears, allowing a sysop to view deleted contents and previous edits and editors. It also includes a "restore" button.

Move log සංස්කරණය

A special (revert) tag follows all entries in the move log, so that you can "easily" zap move vandalism, as long as you carefully go last-to-first.

Block සංස්කරණය

Links to the block page for a user appear in the sidebar when viewing a user page or user talk page, and are available on a user's Contributions page, in Diffs and in Special:Recentchanges. A sysop may block a user or an IP for any amount of time, ranging from 0 seconds (to quickly undo an existing block) to infinity.

Note: the shortest block always wins, so if someone is blocked for a week and you want to increase that block period, you first have to unblock via Special:Ipblocklist. There is also a block log.

Blocking is one of the most powerful tools in the sysop arsenal, and it should be used with care. Refer to the blocking policy at WT:BLOCK for details about its proper use.

Unblock සංස්කරණය

On Special:Ipblocklist, sysops have an unblock button for each active block listed.

Rollback සංස්කරණය

Available on Special:Contributions and in Diffs, this button allows quick one-click revert, leaving an automated edit summary Reverted edit of xxx, changed back to last version by yyy.

Additional special pages සංස්කරණය

See Help:Patrolled edits

"උදවු:Sysop_tools&oldid=6770" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි