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1774019 2010-04-25T03:34:28Z Adrignola Protected "[[Template:Talk other]]": High-impact page ([edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite))
1774018 2010-04-25T03:34:23Z Adrignola cleanup
1773994 2010-04-25T03:32:11Z Adrignola 5 revisions from [[:w:Template:Talk other]]
1773993 2009-12-30T00:30:59Z Davidgothberg This template has now been checked and tested, it works correctly in the new "Book:" and "Book talk:" namespaces. And a minor update to "{{pp-template}}".
1773992 2008-07-04T04:35:16Z Davidgothberg Removing the "return 'talk'/'other' when no parameter" function, since not used, not needed and causes problems in some situations.
1773991 2008-05-10T14:10:37Z Davidgothberg Added {{pp-template|small=yes}}.
1773990 2008-05-10T14:08:04Z Davidgothberg Protected Template:Talk other: This is a meta-template, the moment it is used it becomes high-risk. [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
1773989 2008-05-01T23:54:16Z Davidgothberg It is over-engineered, but fully compatible with the other namespace detection templates.
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