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1774016 2010-04-25T03:34:04Z Adrignola notoc
1774014 2010-04-25T03:33:50Z Adrignola cleanup
1774011 2010-04-25T03:32:16Z Adrignola 15 revisions from [[:w:Template:Talk other/doc]]
1774010 2009-12-30T00:38:59Z Davidgothberg /* Technical details */ Noting that this template correctly handles the new namespaces "Book:" and "Book talk:".
1774009 2009-10-24T20:58:42Z Davidgothberg Adding [[Category:Talk namespace templates]].
1774008 2009-10-24T20:52:54Z Davidgothberg Adding {{high-use| 25,000+ }}, and updating category.
1774007 2009-09-08T03:04:37Z RalfX zh
1774006 2009-06-27T05:38:05Z +ja
1774005 2009-03-13T05:31:08Z Davidgothberg /* Technical details */ Explaining that "Talk:", "User talk:", "File talk:" and so on are all of type '''talk'''.
1774004 2009-03-13T05:08:58Z Davidgothberg Copied improved doc text from the other namespace-detection templates.
1774003 2009-02-18T10:06:03Z Davidgothberg /* See also */ Changing to use {{namespace detect see also}}.
1774002 2009-02-06T05:18:00Z Davidgothberg /* See also */ Added {{template other}}.
1774001 2009-02-05T03:48:35Z Davidgothberg /* See also */ {{image other}} -> {{file other}}
1774000 2008-09-07T22:54:03Z Davidgothberg Updated the "See also" section, added "{{namespace detect showall}}".
1773999 2008-05-15T12:43:22Z Davidgothberg /* See also */ Oops, left some empty lines in there, fixed.
1773998 2008-05-15T12:42:22Z Davidgothberg /* See also */ Added {{namespace detect}} and some comments.
1773997 2008-05-10T14:26:35Z Davidgothberg /* See also */ Adding {{category other}}.
1773996 2008-05-02T00:01:07Z Davidgothberg Documenting this template.
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:Talk_other/doc/edithistory&oldid=15193" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි