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3719337 2020-08-31T19:01:29Z GreenComputer Fix link
1718353 2010-02-11T23:19:35Z Mike.lifeguard 47 revisions from [[:w:Template:Outdent]]: a nifty template
1718352 2010-01-07T11:32:30Z Father Goose changing "t" parameter to {{{2}}}, since its value is irrelevant
1718351 2009-12-26T21:39:53Z Ludwigs2 re-implemented with conditional, plus removed page-width link - see talk
1718350 2009-12-26T18:10:59Z Crum375 Looks better without, please do not change without broad consensus, since this affects the entire site
1718349 2009-12-26T17:52:21Z Ludwigs2 lost the docs somehow
1718348 2009-12-26T17:51:11Z Ludwigs2 revised to include 'outdent' text with link
1718347 2009-12-25T16:36:40Z Ludwigs2 revision for cleaner code; adding numeric offsets
1718346 2009-12-25T16:26:04Z Ludwigs2 [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 333975943 by [[Special:Contributions/Ludwigs2|Ludwigs2]] ([[User talk:Ludwigs2|talk]])
1718345 2009-12-25T16:25:46Z Ludwigs2
1718344 2009-12-17T00:03:55Z Pablo X revert unilateral blanking, surely TfD would be the way to go rather than page blanking
1718343 2009-12-16T22:20:41Z Tony Sidaway This is extremely unsighly and completely unnecessary.
1718342 2009-12-12T17:32:22Z imported>PL290 black was a definite improvement on blue, but still rather intrusive; try a bit greyer
1718341 2009-11-09T10:30:08Z Equazcion rm tfd notice, snowball-keep (non-admin closure)
1718340 2009-11-08T06:14:47Z AJCham Add class="outdent-template" - users who find the template to be intrusive can elect to hide it by customising their CSS
1718339 2009-11-06T19:01:47Z Equazcion trying black link, perhaps less obtrusive-looking that way
1718338 2009-11-06T18:46:38Z imported>The sock that should not be Fix the template so that the TFD notification doesn't interfere with the rather numerous discussions that this template is used in.
1718337 2009-11-06T16:01:53Z Thumperward stick it after the template instead
1718336 2009-11-06T16:00:11Z Thumperward fix
1718335 2009-11-06T13:29:53Z TreasuryTag Nominated for deletion; see [[Wikipedia:Templates for discussion#Template:Outdent]].
1718334 2009-11-06T13:29:25Z TreasuryTag [[Help:Reverting|Reverted]] edits by [[Special:Contributions/TreasuryTag|TreasuryTag]] ([[User talk:TreasuryTag|talk]]) to last version by AJCham
1718333 2009-11-06T13:28:52Z TreasuryTag Nominated for deletion; see [[Wikipedia:Templates for discussion#Template:Outdent]].
1718332 2009-10-19T09:03:32Z AJCham correction - ; in wrong place
1718331 2009-10-19T09:02:01Z AJCham Doesn't display correctly in some fonts - use deja vu sans if available.
1718330 2009-10-14T18:54:06Z Equazcion duh -- simplified my link code
1718329 2009-10-14T18:51:10Z Equazcion added link to relevant help section on outdenting, as in other outdent templates
1718328 2009-07-18T23:02:50Z AxG Get it right next time
1718327 2009-07-18T23:01:23Z AxG fix
1718326 2009-07-18T22:59:23Z AxG Re-add
1718325 2009-07-18T22:58:54Z AxG Fix
1718324 2009-07-18T22:55:36Z AxG [[WP:RBK|Reverted]] edits by [[Special:Contributions/AxG|AxG]] ([[User talk:AxG|talk]]) to last version by IRP
1718323 2009-07-18T22:52:12Z AxG New layout
1718322 2009-04-11T16:25:43Z IRP Mistake
1718321 2009-04-11T16:23:43Z IRP See http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User_talk%3ACoppertwig&diff=283162589&oldid=283088558
1718320 2009-04-11T00:58:52Z IRP In the case of an error message, any bold tags should be closed beyond this point
1718319 2009-04-11T00:56:31Z IRP Closing bold tag
1718318 2009-04-11T00:49:44Z IRP [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 283087669 by [[Special:Contributions/IRP|IRP]] ([[User talk:IRP|talk]])
1718317 2009-04-11T00:49:01Z IRP Fix
1718316 2009-04-11T00:46:31Z IRP
1718315 2009-04-11T00:44:07Z IRP [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 283086790 by [[Special:Contributions/IRP|IRP]] ([[User talk:IRP|talk]])
1718314 2009-04-11T00:43:41Z IRP test
1718313 2009-04-10T23:07:41Z IRP Fix
1718312 2009-04-10T23:07:01Z IRP
1718311 2009-04-10T23:02:24Z IRP Add error
1718310 2009-04-09T03:08:04Z IRP Adding features
1718309 2009-04-08T22:27:15Z IRP This way you can outdent from any amount of indentation
1718308 2008-10-26T20:54:05Z IRP <noinclude>
1718307 2008-10-26T20:37:34Z IRP {{Documentation}}
1718306 2008-10-26T20:36:38Z IRP Created template
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:Outdent/edithistory&oldid=15622" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි