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1904510 2010-07-30T15:48:59Z Adrignola fixed includeonly category
1886065 2010-07-12T13:13:14Z Darklama spacing
1886063 2010-07-12T13:07:21Z Darklama +example parameter for consistency with other templates
1886049 2010-07-12T12:36:19Z Darklama reworded and recat
1772747 2010-04-24T17:47:06Z Adrignola tweaked icon
1772649 2010-04-24T16:06:50Z Adrignola msg -> text parameter
1371032 2009-01-02T20:39:29Z Swift Added a link to the category that the template adds modules to.
978672 2007-09-22T18:24:42Z Darklama using mbox to make consistant and reworded
609962 2006-10-12T20:10:55Z SBJohnny
609959 2006-10-12T20:10:28Z SBJohnny
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