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2731342 2014-11-20T21:02:57Z Guillaume (WMF) add machine-readable markers as part of the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/File metadata cleanup drive|File metadata cleanup drive]]. [[m:Special:MyLanguage/File metadata cleanup drive/How to fix metadata|You can help!]]
1871348 2010-07-01T15:42:58Z Adrignola wording
1871343 2010-07-01T15:41:10Z Adrignola moved [[Template:Non-free 2D art]] to [[Template:Non-free art]]: cover all art
1870940 2010-07-01T13:32:22Z Adrignola tweak for Wikibooks
1870932 2010-07-01T13:27:23Z Adrignola 45 revisions from [[:w:Template:Non-free 2D art]]: need more non-free use templates for local uploads
1870931 2010-05-21T17:28:26Z Plastikspork redirect
1870930 2010-05-17T19:14:53Z Koman90
1870929 2010-04-12T01:34:45Z MBisanz [[wmf:Home|Wikimedia Foundation]]
1870928 2008-06-04T19:42:01Z AWeenieMan adding {{documentation}}
1870927 2008-05-13T19:17:29Z AWeenieMan Removing {{{category}}}, as it seems to causing "other" to be displayed on certain pages
1870926 2008-05-12T08:19:22Z CapitalR Converting to Imbox form using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]]
1870925 2008-04-22T04:16:19Z Vinhtantran
1870924 2008-04-22T04:12:27Z Vinhtantran +vi
1870923 2008-02-27T04:59:35Z JackSchmidt include in all non-free only if not overridden
1870922 2008-02-27T04:45:49Z JackSchmidt Happy-melon's category= method, don't include this template in categories
1870921 2008-02-26T15:24:40Z imported>Cydebot Robot - Moving category Arts and culture-related templates to Arts and culture templates per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] at [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2008 February 20]].
1870920 2008-01-03T14:14:44Z East718 Protected Template:Non-free 2D art: high risk template [edit=autoconfirmed:move=sysop]
1870919 2008-01-03T14:14:30Z East718 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Sailor Titan|Sailor Titan]] ([[User talk:Sailor Titan|talk]]) to last version by Betacommand
1870918 2008-01-02T18:09:19Z imported>Sailor Titan
1870917 2008-01-02T18:07:19Z imported>Sailor Titan
1870916 2007-12-26T03:40:16Z Betacommand
1870915 2007-11-10T04:53:58Z Doczilla template category
1870914 2007-09-06T15:57:33Z Alex Spade -/+ ruwiki
1870913 2007-07-24T15:12:42Z imported>AlnoktaBOT robot Adding: [[ar:قالب:Non-free 2D art]] Modifying: [[ru:Шаблон:Рисунок]]
1870912 2007-05-05T15:02:47Z
1870911 2007-04-29T13:59:37Z Cyde moved [[Template:Art]] to [[Template:Non-free 2D art]]: Better name per [[Wikipedia:Non-free content/templates]].
1870910 2007-04-16T05:44:25Z imported>Jkelly update pagename
1870909 2007-04-16T05:02:33Z Iamunknown add {{Non-free media}}, null template, to aid in machine readability of non-free images per Wikipedia talk:Non-free content
1870908 2006-11-13T20:53:13Z imported>Celithemis rv vandalism
1870907 2006-11-13T20:40:53Z
1870906 2006-10-14T20:23:22Z imported>Zen Apprentice may --> might
1870905 2006-09-04T08:49:56Z Maximaximax +ru:
1870904 2006-08-29T23:27:09Z BraneJ interwiki for sr:
1870903 2006-07-26T01:39:40Z B~enwikibooks Place template in correct spot in alphabetical order, not under T
1870902 2006-04-05T06:53:23Z Themadchopper
1870901 2006-03-13T21:10:47Z ahh!! editted the wrong wiki, sorry.
1870900 2006-03-13T21:09:44Z
1870899 2006-02-03T23:16:18Z imported>JYolkowski reformat per [[WP:WPFU]]
1870898 2006-01-26T13:16:47Z Physchim62 CAT:ICT
1870897 2006-01-26T04:07:06Z Mdd4696 Added [[Category:Image copyright templates]]
1870896 2005-12-23T12:37:42Z Wcquidditch rv now that EXIF Metatable was moved
1870895 2005-11-08T22:49:43Z imported>JYolkowski rm Subject to disclaimers.
1870894 2005-11-08T02:53:16Z Dcabrilo
1870893 2005-11-08T02:52:27Z Dcabrilo even more standardization with [[Template:Image-license]]
1870892 2005-11-08T02:47:50Z Dcabrilo Standardizing license templates with [[Template:Image-license]]
1870891 2005-10-03T00:55:29Z imported>JYolkowski reword usage, category; see [[Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Fair use]]
1870890 2005-10-02T22:54:28Z imported>Arnie587
1870889 2005-10-02T22:51:13Z imported>Arnie587
1870888 2005-10-02T22:27:00Z imported>Arnie587
1870887 2005-10-02T22:19:46Z imported>Arnie587
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