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2365547 2012-06-17T22:32:08Z Adrignola fix link
2365451 2012-06-17T19:18:25Z Adrignola using {{documentation}}
1869925 2010-06-30T19:27:20Z Darklama seeing if this can be simplified now
1772714 2010-04-24T17:11:59Z Adrignola tmbox for talk page
1772574 2010-04-24T15:02:43Z Adrignola msg -> text parameter
1578673 2009-07-24T19:12:05Z Darklama reworded some more, shorten wording
1452141 2009-03-25T06:54:13Z Swift rm accident
1452139 2009-03-25T06:50:16Z Swift trimmed a bit
1424183 2009-02-23T06:11:46Z Swift bolding [[Help:Uploading Images]]
1419104 2009-02-19T15:41:55Z Darklama fix so it works right when subst'ed
1418914 2009-02-19T14:04:37Z Darklama made a bit smarter, now can use with or without including the namespace
1418630 2009-02-19T04:12:02Z Swift fix link
1418629 2009-02-19T04:10:44Z Swift Added link to [[Help:Uploading Images]]
1371776 2009-01-04T03:17:17Z Swift Placed in sub-category: [[Category:Copyright issues templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
1300109 2008-10-06T02:13:27Z Mike.lifeguard
1250048 2008-08-12T16:41:55Z Mike.lifeguard remove Image prefix for ease of use and backwards compatibility
1250045 2008-08-12T16:28:34Z Darklama rewarded some, inspired by WP. add Image: prefix so it doesn't need included.
1132536 2008-03-07T17:50:05Z Mike.lifeguard use WB:HELP
1132529 2008-03-07T17:44:15Z Mike.lifeguard clarify
1132520 2008-03-07T17:38:15Z Mike.lifeguard hopefully clearer
1011879 2007-10-23T20:56:36Z Mike.lifeguard i think this is a bug
975829 2007-09-21T15:43:12Z Darklama +optional second argument
975624 2007-09-21T14:11:09Z Mike.lifeguard implement mbox
969777 2007-09-16T20:10:25Z Whiteknight
968975 2007-09-15T19:43:01Z Darklama include two links instead for users to find all uploads at risk of being deleted.
968949 2007-09-15T18:52:10Z Darklama reworded some to include links to the toolserver's untagged tool and to [[Wikibooks:Media]]
897563 2007-06-15T08:50:14Z Iamunknown copyediting, feel free to change
574357 2006-09-03T20:55:32Z Derbeth Reverted edit of [[Special:Contributions/SBJohnny|SBJohnny]], changed back to last version by Derbeth
574170 2006-09-03T12:48:06Z SBJohnny
574168 2006-09-03T12:46:48Z SBJohnny
488118 2006-06-16T10:13:30Z Derbeth new version from Wikipedia
457154 2006-05-13T08:58:52Z Derbeth /* Image Copyright Problem: [[:{{{1}}}]] */
426287 2006-04-12T21:28:23Z Derbeth added header and subst: warning
251024 2005-10-07T17:05:03Z Derbeth changed header to bolded text to avoid editinig template
249511 2005-10-05T20:27:12Z Derbeth ooops
249147 2005-10-05T11:49:23Z Derbeth /* Image Copyright Problem RE: [[:{{{1}}}]] */
244735 2005-09-29T19:24:38Z Derbeth from Wikipedia, but no fair use
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:Image_copyright/edithistory&oldid=15608" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි