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Fallback mechanism part #2. Map:

  1. nds (Low German) -> de (German)
  2. nds-nl (Dutch Low Saxon) -> nl (Dutch)
  3. pdt -> de (German)

or otherwise return default

<translate> Usage</translate>

{{GetFallback2 |1= |default= }}

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Should be used only by other templates. Not intended to be used directly.

Template parameters

1any supported language code{{int:Lang}}optional
defaultdefault language code returnedenoptional

<translate> Additional information</translate>

<translate> The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces:</translate> <translate> no namespace specified</translate>

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<translate> ⧼Seealso⧽</translate>

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"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:GetFallback2/උපදෙස්&oldid=20759" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි