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1772751 2010-04-24T17:49:01Z Adrignola ambox for main space
1772563 2010-04-24T14:50:30Z Adrignola msg -> text parameter
1548476 2009-06-25T21:27:02Z Adrignola recat
1496709 2009-05-11T16:28:35Z Darklama minor rewording
1242891 2008-07-30T14:17:12Z Darklama rm {{alphabetical}}
1242654 2008-07-30T04:45:33Z Dallas1278
1128821 2008-03-03T01:33:41Z Mike.lifeguard +example parameter
1070811 2007-12-29T19:04:48Z Reywas92 unnecessary
1055859 2007-12-14T03:30:23Z Whiteknight
974261 2007-09-20T18:49:00Z Darklama
972505 2007-09-19T12:38:29Z Darklama replace "for the following reason:" with "because:"
972504 2007-09-19T12:34:59Z Darklama space
972502 2007-09-19T12:33:31Z Darklama using mbox and changed category to provide consistency and better organization
914710 2007-07-02T21:55:15Z Whiteknight
912086 2007-06-29T14:35:04Z Whiteknight
912083 2007-06-29T14:30:14Z Whiteknight
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531919 2006-07-21T22:24:07Z Derbeth Reverted edit of [[Special:Contributions/|]], changed back to last version by Hagindaz
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529967 2006-07-20T17:42:56Z Nonny1ad rv vandalism
529966 2006-07-20T17:41:59Z Nonny1ad
342824 2006-01-21T17:08:49Z Hyperpasta
334079 2006-01-11T00:50:26Z Kernigh Need to say class="metadata" to prevent box from printing.
334066 2006-01-11T00:31:42Z Kernigh remove remnants of "subst:"
333994 2006-01-10T23:11:00Z Kernigh class="notice metadata" seems to be meaningless. It also has no effect on print version (class="top" will hide something from print version).
333990 2006-01-10T23:02:09Z Kernigh "subst:" on template, should have no visual effect
309706 2005-12-15T18:15:07Z Derbeth class="notice metadata"
281659 2005-11-14T11:00:11Z Derbeth includeonly
268720 2005-10-30T18:29:47Z Derbeth added box
203946 2005-08-03T22:36:58Z Uncle G "article" to "module". Added {{NAMESPACE}} to edit link.
203945 2005-08-03T22:36:01Z Uncle G "article" to "module".
203919 2005-08-03T22:13:49Z Uncle G Rewritten to be in the style of the Wikinews cleanup tag.
171516 2005-02-02T20:01:17Z Mshonle Reverted edit of DragOnasdf, changed back to last version by Krischik
91768 2005-02-02T10:19:38Z DragOnasdf
91719 2005-02-02T08:53:44Z Krischik
91702 2005-02-02T08:43:37Z Krischik
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:Cleanup/edithistory&oldid=15366" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි