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1779566 2010-04-27T20:44:38Z Adrignola Protected "[[Template:Cite journal]]": High-impact page ([edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite))
1779565 2010-04-27T20:44:32Z Adrignola cleanup
1779346 2010-04-27T20:26:28Z Adrignola 220 revisions from [[:w:Template:Cite journal]]: History merge/update
1779345 2010-03-29T05:06:03Z Wtmitchell Published the changes from the sandbox
1779344 2010-01-02T08:18:18Z MSGJ [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 335299013 by [[Special:Contributions/Rich Farmbrough|Rich Farmbrough]] ([[User talk:Rich Farmbrough|talk]]), per request
1779343 2010-01-01T16:22:07Z Rich Farmbrough make resilient to having pp. passed in the pages parameter.
1779342 2010-01-01T14:08:19Z Rich Farmbrough deprecate access-date and dateformat. using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]]
1779341 2009-11-30T18:59:46Z Rich Farmbrough [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 328835973 by [[Special:Contributions/Rich Farmbrough|Rich Farmbrough]] ([[User talk:Rich Farmbrough|talk]])
1779340 2009-11-30T17:37:47Z Rich Farmbrough fix up accessdate using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]]
1779339 2009-11-30T15:43:17Z Rich Farmbrough change maintenance category using [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]]
1779338 2009-11-02T21:59:06Z Rjanag [[Help:Reverting|Reverted]] edits by [[Special:Contributions/Rjanag|Rjanag]] ([[User talk:Rjanag|talk]]) to last version by Amalthea
1779337 2009-11-02T21:31:44Z Rjanag make it give harv ref by default. plz undo if this causes some unforeseen problem.
1779336 2009-10-19T15:23:03Z Amalthea Redo change, per redo change, per [[User talk:Amalthea#cite_web_etc.]]
1779335 2009-10-19T14:58:42Z Rettetast [[WP:RBK|Reverted]] edits by [[Special:Contributions/Amalthea|Amalthea]] ([[User talk:Amalthea|talk]]) to last version by Smith609
1779334 2009-10-19T14:57:31Z Amalthea Tweak archiving system, per [[Template talk:Citation/core#Error messages]]
1779333 2009-10-17T07:17:02Z Smith609 New parameter: pmc-embargo-date
1779332 2009-10-07T12:14:52Z Smith609 Check for redundant 'doilabel' parameter to eliminate
1779331 2009-10-07T11:15:08Z Smith609 Support 'others' parameter, used at [[Template:cite book]]
1779330 2009-10-07T10:29:36Z Smith609 Default for display-authors
1779329 2009-10-07T09:54:44Z Smith609 Enable truncation with display-authors
1779328 2009-10-07T05:35:55Z Smith609 Balance braces
1779327 2009-10-07T05:34:03Z Smith609 author-name-separator parameter
1779326 2009-10-07T04:58:15Z Smith609 new author-separator parameter; rm non-functional msm
1779325 2009-10-07T04:58:04Z Smith609 new author-separator parameter
1779324 2009-09-25T17:11:38Z Happy-melon track more deprecated parameters
1779323 2009-09-14T12:44:01Z TheDJ allow elimination of the last deprecated accessdaymonth and accessmonthday parameters
1779322 2009-08-19T15:28:53Z Smith609 Copy author-mask line from [[Template:Citation]], where it is working... sorry about the initial error.
1779321 2009-08-19T03:12:26Z MattWade [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 308804582 by [[Special:Contributions/Smith609|Smith609]] ([[User talk:Smith609|talk]]) not currently working correctl
1779320 2009-08-19T02:16:42Z Smith609 |AuthorMask = {{{authormask|{{{author-mask}}}}}}
1779319 2009-07-03T17:07:07Z Crum375 Rv for now, see talk
1779318 2009-07-03T16:46:58Z Crum375 pp and nopp added, per talk
1548950 2009-06-26T14:59:00Z Adrignola Moved documentation here from talk page
1779317 2009-06-25T02:55:08Z Crum375 add support for translated title - see talk
1779316 2009-05-24T15:24:46Z TKD fix empty separator case
1779315 2009-05-24T05:10:32Z TKD fix default separator using a variant of [[User:droll]]'s fix; see [[Template talk:Cite web#Change in default separator and minor bug]]
1779314 2009-05-23T21:15:40Z Smith609 Support semicolon as separator - see [[Template talk:Citation]]
1779313 2009-05-23T20:56:38Z Smith609 Archival parameters - copied from Sandbox according to talk page request
1779312 2009-02-14T19:48:24Z Ruslik0 adding {{{version|}}} per talk page
1779311 2009-02-02T22:37:14Z Kaldari adding work as an alias for journal param
1376170 2009-01-10T09:47:22Z Suruena {{{quote|}}}
1779310 2008-11-12T08:25:50Z Huntster Updating per talk page request.
1779309 2008-11-08T23:10:17Z Elonka Updating format, per talkpage request
1779308 2008-11-01T19:15:00Z Pagrashtak Remove curly quote option per MOS recommendation of straight (typewriter) quotes
1779307 2008-11-01T03:36:58Z Elonka Removing date links, per talkpage request
1779306 2008-10-27T07:26:00Z Salix alba Revert to revision 247723752 dated 2008-10-26 06:09:31 by SkierRMH using [[:en:Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation_popups|popups]]
1779305 2008-10-27T02:29:03Z Salix alba update to sandbox version with Citation/core
1779304 2008-10-26T06:09:31Z Skier Dude Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/SkierRMH|SkierRMH]] ([[User talk:SkierRMH|talk]]) to last version by David Fuchs
1779303 2008-10-26T03:53:39Z Skier Dude per talk page request
1779302 2008-10-03T18:49:45Z David Fuchs [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 242802559 by [[Special:Contributions/David Fuchs|David Fuchs]] ([[User talk:David Fuchs|talk]]) nvm
1779301 2008-10-03T18:49:17Z David Fuchs checking dmg to template, will revert
1779300 2008-10-03T18:48:17Z David Fuchs the change has broken consistency in formatting
1779299 2008-10-01T19:37:13Z MZMcBride synced page with [[Template:Citation/Sandbox|sandbox]]
1779298 2008-08-17T15:51:08Z Happy-melon allow {{{work}}} as a synonym for {{{journal}}}
1779297 2008-07-09T05:28:06Z Rifleman 82 requested change http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Template_talk:Cite_journal&curid=4028770&diff=224514851&oldid=224493842
1779296 2008-06-23T16:47:07Z Gadget850 accessdate:uncomment and add class; see talk
1779295 2008-06-19T20:42:11Z PeterSymonds update template per talk
1779294 2008-06-18T18:22:46Z Ilmari Karonen less curly brackets in error message = hopefully more readable
1779293 2008-06-18T18:19:38Z Ilmari Karonen DOI bot may not always succeed -- also, add <nowiki> tags to avoid funny display if title parameter exists but is blank
1779292 2008-06-18T12:19:42Z Davidruben add doi_brokendate parameter as per talk page, also categorise page if so
1779291 2008-06-08T03:41:48Z Davidruben Per talk: (1) pmc used to link title if url not specified. (2) If pmc definied then PMC item at end shown only if url empty (else been used to link title already and would be a duplication of link)
1779290 2008-06-05T15:31:30Z Rifleman 82 fix
1779289 2008-06-05T15:28:33Z Rifleman 82 comment out accessdate per talk
1779288 2008-06-04T01:45:47Z Davidruben add in pmc parameter, see talk on more extensive suggestion to use to link on title, but seems at least consensus for this 1st step
1195995 2008-05-28T20:48:35Z Suruena Wikilink for {{{accessdate}}} is not needed
1779287 2008-05-26T19:17:46Z Happy-melon update DOI code per editprotected
1779286 2008-05-26T19:14:48Z Happy-melon add link to toolserver DOI lookup, per editprotected
1779285 2008-05-07T11:34:43Z CapitalR update again per edit request
1779284 2008-05-07T10:46:22Z CapitalR doi fix per editrequest
1779283 2008-05-06T13:15:59Z CapitalR updating doi parameter to use urlencode per edit request
1779282 2008-05-04T19:20:07Z Happy-melon revert
1779281 2008-05-04T19:07:31Z Happy-melon update per editprotected
1779280 2008-04-05T15:51:50Z Happy-melon update per editprotected
1779279 2008-03-23T10:33:30Z Happy-melon restore nbsp
1779278 2008-03-22T23:06:49Z Happy-melon restore bold formatting to volume parameter per editprotected
1779277 2008-03-22T23:03:09Z Happy-melon changed back to nbsp
1779276 2008-03-12T06:06:35Z Od Mishehu Fixing code per talk page request
1779275 2008-02-24T17:37:33Z Happy-melon fix per editprotected
1779274 2008-02-19T12:06:24Z Happy-melon change nbsp to zero-width space, fulfilling editprotected request
1779273 2008-02-01T20:10:59Z DMacks trailing space is needed for COinS strings...undoing its removal per talk-page
1779272 2008-02-01T19:39:07Z Fuhghettaboutit Remove boldface from volume; see talk
1779271 2008-01-03T21:41:21Z DMacks remove trailing space per talk page
1035830 2007-11-21T15:39:52Z Mike.lifeguard link to en.wp
1779270 2007-11-09T22:48:29Z RockMFR +bibcode per talk page request
1779269 2007-10-25T01:45:11Z imported>Vanished user doi is almost always given in lowercase
1779268 2007-10-03T08:37:00Z imported>CJLL Wright + location and publisher fields, per talk
1779267 2007-10-03T07:02:07Z imported>CJLL Wright add explicit oclc parameter
1779266 2007-10-03T06:12:43Z imported>CJLL Wright use {template doc} for consistent display
1779265 2007-09-24T01:21:34Z MZMcBride +protection tag
1779264 2007-04-24T04:33:13Z Omegatron
1779263 2007-04-24T03:26:52Z Omegatron copy field descriptions from spec for future editors
1779262 2007-04-24T03:20:18Z Omegatron
1779261 2007-04-24T00:03:12Z Omegatron
1779260 2007-04-23T22:47:11Z Omegatron oops. that broke it.
1779259 2007-04-21T16:06:13Z Omegatron this way we can actually read the code at a glance
1779258 2007-03-23T01:41:59Z CBM remove italics on quote per MOS reference on talk page and to agree with cite book
1779257 2007-03-22T00:06:48Z AzaToth added quote parameter per request
1779256 2007-03-21T03:44:03Z Omegatron explanation
1779255 2007-03-10T04:41:29Z Samsara add lay summary fields
1779254 2007-02-20T23:42:33Z Circeus +doilabel variable
1779253 2007-02-18T04:01:10Z Omegatron rv
1779252 2007-02-18T02:14:19Z Omegatron as per talk
1779251 2007-02-11T04:20:15Z Omegatron add COinS tag as mentioned on talk page
1779250 2007-02-11T03:57:17Z Omegatron add explicit ISSN (substed ISSN template) and PMID fields, as described on talk
1779249 2007-02-07T22:44:04Z Trevor MacInnis rm extra period
1779248 2007-02-07T22:37:19Z Trevor MacInnis add to allow useage of access dates in unwikified form
1779247 2006-12-24T16:24:16Z Ligulem Added new parameter "language" per talk.
1779246 2006-12-17T15:55:40Z Ligulem Semi-colon instead of comma before {{{coauthors}}}. Per [[Template talk:Cite journal#Using a semi-colon to streamline last, first format with multiple authors]]
1779245 2006-11-16T10:39:06Z Ligulem rm newline
1779244 2006-11-01T00:40:26Z Ligulem put a period after the date (or author) only if there is an author
1779243 2006-11-01T00:13:25Z Ligulem period-space after date ifff there is a date
1779242 2006-09-12T22:57:27Z JesseW apply doc subpage pattern, per Ligulem's req
1779241 2006-09-01T04:25:57Z Kaldari reverting, pending discussion
1779240 2006-08-31T18:29:54Z Kaldari Fixing access date. The way it was implemented actually prevented [[Help:Preferences#Date_format|date formatting preferences]] from working. See talk for explanation.
1779239 2006-07-29T18:05:16Z Dragons flight okay, this time for real
1779238 2006-07-29T17:59:28Z Dragons flight damn space
1779237 2006-07-29T17:52:28Z Dragons flight well then space should follow, {{{url}}}...
1779236 2006-07-29T16:37:00Z Circeus rv, reaks template
1779235 2006-07-29T10:16:30Z Dragons flight remove extra whitespace
1779234 2006-07-29T01:08:11Z Circeus rv my changes, unfunctional
1779233 2006-07-29T01:07:27Z Circeus try to force a space
1779232 2006-07-29T01:05:12Z Circeus try to fix space problem
1779231 2006-07-29T01:03:52Z Circeus fix space problem
1779230 2006-07-27T00:45:13Z Ruud Koot fix curly quote
1779229 2006-07-26T18:10:13Z Circeus move quotes outside link
1779228 2006-07-26T18:07:35Z Circeus test a method to allow removal of quotes
528513 2006-07-19T12:16:27Z Spangineer copy from en wikipedia
1779227 2006-07-09T13:46:13Z Bkonrad replace documentation with pointer to talk page per request
1779226 2006-07-07T10:59:15Z Bookofjude Protected Template:Cite journal: highly used template, should not be edited regularly; please use {{editprotected}} [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
1779225 2006-07-06T08:43:30Z Nk +bg
1779224 2006-06-27T17:59:08Z Ligulem rm incorrect tag
1779223 2006-06-27T17:00:12Z imported>RedSpruce adding "Usage" section, as cite book and cite web have
1779222 2006-06-11T00:01:54Z imported>RuM interwiki cs
1779221 2006-06-08T21:48:17Z Ligulem "URL accessed" → "Retrieved on" for consistency with current {{[[template:cite web]]}}
1779220 2006-06-08T10:16:52Z Bookofjude Protected Template:Cite journal [edit=autoconfirmed:move=autoconfirmed]
1779219 2006-06-08T09:37:52Z +de
1779218 2006-05-21T06:26:23Z Mxn +vi: (noinclude)
1779217 2006-05-19T11:09:54Z Kesla add format
1779216 2006-04-29T10:09:42Z Bookofjude optional curly quotes (see talk page)
1779215 2006-04-29T08:57:43Z Ligulem rv. we don't use curly quotes here. This has already been discussed
1779214 2006-04-29T00:08:57Z Porges curly quotes :)
1779213 2006-04-24T14:31:35Z GreyCat +ru interwiki
1779212 2006-04-20T17:08:42Z imported>Tob added doi
1779211 2006-04-18T11:00:15Z Phil Boswell [[Category:Templates using ParserFunctions]]
1779210 2006-04-18T10:57:11Z Freakofnurture~enwikibooks cleanup
1779209 2006-04-14T00:06:47Z Splash rv after history merge to 22:49, 4 April 2006 Ligulem (UTC)
1779208 2006-04-14T00:06:01Z Splash moved [[Template:Journal reference]] to [[Template:Cite journal]]: to history merge
1779207 2006-04-04T21:49:07Z Ligulem added new optional param "accessdate". Use ISO format: YYYY-MM-DD
1779206 2006-04-03T22:47:09Z Splash we don't use curly quotes
1779205 2006-04-02T05:24:13Z DLJessup~enwikibooks Unicode quotation marks
1779204 2006-03-18T18:30:41Z Mzajac rv per MOS
1779203 2006-03-16T21:09:16Z Jfdwolff quotes not needed, see the references section of any journal article
1779202 2006-03-14T11:54:37Z Stemonitis Rv. what other templates?
1779201 2006-03-14T11:27:49Z Phil Boswell demarcate coauthors with semi-colon like related templates
1779200 2006-03-05T18:13:14Z Mzajac restoring to version conforming to MOS
1779199 2006-03-05T10:54:47Z MPF rm quotes and vol bolding (see talk)
1779198 2006-03-05T10:38:51Z Ligulem reverted to again embed title inside quotation marks. This has been discussed on talk
1779197 2006-03-05T10:27:16Z MPF copyedit
1779196 2006-03-04T16:31:33Z Ligulem transplanted author handling from cite book
1779195 2006-03-04T15:48:54Z Ligulem added quotation marks around title parameter
1779194 2006-02-24T13:35:24Z Splash yes, it should be bold, it's the usual way to do it
1779193 2006-02-23T23:14:02Z Cyde Volume shouldn't be bolded; it catches the eye unnecessarily.
1779192 2006-02-10T18:53:25Z Ligulem lower case parameter replacement for [[template:Journal reference]]
1779191 2006-01-29T18:18:08Z imported>Joke137 bolding volume
1779190 2006-01-23T21:58:51Z Ligulem revert to revision of 18:20, December 20, 2005 UTC by COGDEN (last qif variant). [[WP:AUM]] is rejected and no longer a policy
1779189 2006-01-21T22:23:49Z Dbenbenn null default value for {{{Month}}} parameter
1779188 2006-01-21T20:54:07Z Slambo {{esoteric}}
1779187 2006-01-19T13:56:00Z CBDunkerson Nothing seems to be wrong with format. Trying changes which should have no impact.
1779186 2006-01-19T13:43:47Z CBDunkerson Trying to figure out why no journal parameter causes volume, issue, pages, and id parameters to be ignored.
1779185 2006-01-19T13:34:40Z CBDunkerson Converting to CSS v2.0
1779184 2006-01-16T19:43:45Z Netoholic
1779183 2006-01-16T19:43:15Z Netoholic add pipes to hidden params (disappear on lynx)
1779182 2006-01-15T23:40:49Z CBDunkerson Adjusting ID reference link - always produces links matching current, but also links if no params set
1779181 2006-01-13T22:56:01Z CBDunkerson Replacing with non-meta template which replicates existing functionality
1779180 2005-12-20T18:20:02Z COGDEN
1779179 2005-12-20T18:19:03Z COGDEN changed as per a request on my talk page; more consistent punctuation and spacing
1779178 2005-12-14T18:33:04Z Ligulem if -> [[template talk:qif|qif]] - qif is the server friendlier variant of if
1779177 2005-12-11T18:59:25Z imported>MarkSweep add Coauthors parameter to make this more similar to {{tl|book reference}}
1779176 2005-12-08T23:36:16Z Ligulem cat
1779175 2005-11-23T21:12:18Z COGDEN replace deprecated ifnone with booleq
1779174 2005-11-23T17:34:01Z AzaToth ref to booland
1779173 2005-11-23T17:25:04Z Suruena ID field added (for ISSN)
1779172 2005-11-21T18:39:45Z AzaToth changed notice to esoteric
1779171 2005-11-16T13:54:53Z Suruena Full-stop added at the end; Optional parameters notice copied from [[Template:Book reference]]
1779170 2005-11-06T09:46:35Z COGDEN
1779169 2005-11-06T09:29:06Z COGDEN fix braces
1779168 2005-11-06T09:07:42Z COGDEN formatting
1779167 2005-11-06T08:49:28Z COGDEN formatting
1779166 2005-11-06T08:12:04Z COGDEN add functionality for Ref=none
1779165 2005-11-06T04:58:59Z COGDEN Added Authorlink functionality, as per Book reference template
1779164 2005-11-05T04:14:32Z COGDEN
1779163 2005-11-05T04:12:07Z COGDEN
1779162 2005-11-05T04:10:30Z COGDEN testing
1779161 2005-11-05T04:03:12Z COGDEN
1779160 2005-11-05T04:00:18Z COGDEN test
1779159 2005-11-05T03:57:13Z COGDEN test
1779158 2005-11-05T03:36:37Z COGDEN
1779157 2005-11-05T02:18:45Z COGDEN Move towards adding a unique HTML ID for each reference. Needs testing
1779156 2005-11-05T01:40:40Z COGDEN Tried to add Date and Month tags
1779155 2005-11-05T00:28:41Z COGDEN Added provision for ''Issue'' parameter
1779154 2005-11-04T23:28:45Z COGDEN This should fix things
1779153 2005-11-04T23:26:36Z COGDEN
1779152 2005-11-04T23:00:55Z COGDEN
1779151 2005-11-04T22:58:49Z COGDEN
1779150 2005-11-04T22:48:08Z COGDEN
1779149 2005-11-04T22:47:24Z COGDEN
1779148 2005-11-04T22:45:58Z COGDEN
1779147 2005-11-04T22:42:44Z COGDEN
1779146 2005-11-04T22:30:02Z COGDEN
1779145 2005-11-04T22:27:54Z COGDEN
1779144 2005-11-04T22:21:56Z COGDEN
1779143 2005-11-04T22:16:46Z COGDEN
1779142 2005-11-04T22:12:25Z COGDEN Revised to used new optional parameters feature and if templates. ''Title'' is the only mandatory operator. If something goes horribly wrong, I'll revert.
1779141 2005-10-31T12:43:22Z Slashme revert, doesn't work.
1779140 2005-10-31T12:40:48Z Slashme add number field
1779139 2005-09-10T16:52:33Z MPF format
1779138 2005-09-08T23:35:14Z Splash "speech marks" around title as in most journal standards and consistent with [[Template:Journal reference url]]
1779137 2005-09-07T10:19:18Z MPF format
1779136 2005-08-11T13:30:55Z Lexor Format as per [[Wikipedia:Cite_sources/example_style]]
1779135 2005-07-25T10:42:38Z MPF normal journal citation style
1779134 2005-06-16T12:09:03Z PAR Conform with [:Template:Journal reference]
1779133 2005-06-07T20:20:20Z imported>Dd2 See http://www.lesley.edu/library/guides/citation/apa_basic.html
1779132 2005-05-16T01:25:13Z MPF .
1779131 2005-05-16T01:18:24Z MPF :
1779130 2005-03-19T05:01:14Z Dragons flight nevermind, can't cat templates
1779129 2005-03-19T04:59:10Z Dragons flight add cat
1779128 2005-03-19T04:26:07Z Dragons flight remove superfluous periods, either parens or periods, not both
1779127 2005-02-06T01:28:10Z Jmabel
1779126 2005-02-04T20:10:04Z Dbenbenn no issue number in this one
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:Cite_journal/edithistory&oldid=15523" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි