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3689112 2020-05-12T18:53:46Z 계정도용자신우철범죄자
3689111 2020-05-12T18:51:39Z 계정도용기능 악용자신우철
2544919 2013-07-23T13:16:23Z MarcGarver It wasn't a grammar error, it was a spelling error
2544900 2013-07-23T11:05:05Z Abhagautam grammar
2010147 2010-12-30T18:42:33Z Belteshazzar /* Conflict avoidance and resolution */ Linking [[WB:OWN]]
2010144 2010-12-30T18:37:53Z Belteshazzar /* Conflict avoidance and resolution */ Not just new users, and [[WB:AGF]] is still only a proposal
1997275 2010-12-11T15:18:51Z Adrignola /* The community */ fixed link
1991729 2010-12-04T23:21:52Z Adrignola draft; may not be policy material but could be guideline (see talk for previous discussion)
1991728 2010-12-04T23:19:14Z Adrignola nav template replacing links
1991603 2010-12-04T19:03:01Z Adrignola reverse last via talk page notes I notice
1991602 2010-12-04T19:01:55Z Adrignola draft proposal
1991601 2010-12-04T19:01:46Z Adrignola proposal
1967516 2010-11-06T14:12:25Z Adrignola /* The community */ fixed link
1828468 2010-06-07T14:59:55Z Adrignola fixed shortcut
1698533 2010-01-17T23:40:37Z Swift Major trim so that people will actually bother with this.
1698489 2010-01-17T20:52:36Z Swift moved [[Help:Etiquette]] to [[Wikibooks:Etiquette]] over redirect: Project page
1662765 2009-11-22T04:08:07Z Adrignola Fixed links and references to deletion page that was moved
1662759 2009-11-22T03:37:13Z Pi zero /* Contexts where users interact */
1662758 2009-11-22T03:35:40Z Pi zero different voiced plosive
1662712 2009-11-22T01:03:13Z Swift Trimmed.
1596417 2009-07-31T11:48:38Z Electro /* History */ fixed typo in reference to [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Etiquette]]
1235544 2008-07-21T20:12:38Z Gubbubu
630829 2006-10-30T20:31:55Z Darklama Wikibooks -> Help Category
479388 2006-06-06T07:44:18Z Jguk [[Wikibooks:Etiquette]] moved to [[Help:Etiquette]]: as advice which is not policy, this is more suited to the help namespace
414940 2006-03-31T00:02:26Z Kernigh My edit mostly consists of the creation of a /* Contexts where users interact */ and /* Votes for deletion */ section.
414875 2006-03-30T21:35:18Z Kernigh Remove [[Template:proposed]], because it appears from the talk page that we are not proposing this as policy.
404169 2006-03-20T20:49:01Z Cormaggio /* Some principles of Wikibooks etiquette */ adding fundamentals
404146 2006-03-20T20:00:18Z Lord Voldemort~enwikibooks Tweak and add {{proposed}}
404134 2006-03-20T19:12:27Z Withinfocus NPA exists here now
296446 2005-12-01T23:00:31Z
288053 2005-11-21T22:02:39Z Derbeth category, interwiki
287946 2005-11-21T20:04:47Z /* Some principles of Wikibooks etiquette */
287934 2005-11-21T19:44:52Z /* Some principles of Wikibooks etiquette */
207303 2005-08-07T19:41:07Z Cspurrier change red links to links to wikipedia
152546 2004-03-23T03:19:53Z Rs2~enwikibooks pointed NPOV link to Wikipedia (was empty link)
21212 2003-11-13T00:51:41Z Chris Roy~enwikibooks Added comma; 'npov' -> 'NPOV'; 'an' -> 'a'
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1199 2003-08-02T09:57:52Z Maveric149 adapted from en.wiki
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=විකිපොත්:Etiquette/edithistory&oldid=17813" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි